Why you should use Adeptio?

Designed for Long-Term Operation

Hybrid alogrithm makes adeptio competitive with other cryptocurrency tech

No ICO, no Presale, no Airdrops

Masternodes help keep integrity of the network

Only 0.5% treasury funds for development from fixed blocks

Young, but strong team with passion for blockchain tech

Your time is valuable. Payments confirm in less than a minute

Security you can count on. Transactions are confirmed by miners and masternode servers around the world


In progress

In progress

In progress




Q1 2018
Project vision;
Project planning;
Other cryptocurrency analysis;
Adeptio code tests;
Adeptio blockchain tests.
Q2 2018
Adeptio blockchain launch;
Official mining pool;
Official eXplorer;
Custom masternode monitoring;
MasterNode All-In-One install script;
PaperWallet launch;
Whitepaper promo;
First adeptio eXchange.
Q3 2018
Official Website launch;
Full whitepaper release;
Official roadmap;
List on Livecoinwatch;
List on Coinlib;
List on Coingecko;
Second adeptio eXchange;
New Wallet release v1.0.0.2;
Cold MasterNode setup guide.
Q4 2018
New Wallet release v1.0.0.3;
Launch adeptio statistics page;
Third adeptio eXchange;
Start social campaign;
Website upgrade.


Q1 2019
New Wallet release v1.0.0.4;
Hire new people for further development;
Develop a new modern cryptocurrency Xchange (alpha phase).
Start social campaign;
List on Coinmarketcap;
List on more eXchanges.


Network (GH/s)




Current Block


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