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Try your luck with the most visually captivating alien-themed slot game in the world. Reactoonz gives you plenty of opportunities to win insane amounts; all you have to do is unleash the Gargantoon!

Looking for an online slot game that lets you win big? Check out Reactoonz! This exciting Play’n GO game has an extraterrestrial twist, with massive ‘invasions’ that pave the way for huge rewards. 

Players can bet on spins, each revealing a myriad of cuddly aliens that cascade down into the 7×7 grid. Each alien symbol is unique and comes in various colors and values. The biggest and most valuable of them is the three-eyed Gargatoon, who’ll be sleeping in a capsule.

Get 5 similar symbols in a cluster, and you’ll be treated with a chemical reaction that feeds the Quantum meter. This will eventually wake the slumbering Garga, who will invade the grid and trigger massive rewards. 

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Play Reactoonz Online Casino Slot

I have to admit, I’ve never come across an online casino game JetX as good as Reactoonz. The game is super addictive and pulls me in every time, and the best part is I win big each time!

The game’s final objective is to wake the sleeping Garga, which can take a while. You get there by matching alien symbols of 5 or more clusters to generate enough energy for the Quantum meter. When you encounter such a match, the grid will zap all the symbols involved, which will then be replaced by new symbols cascading down into the fray. Destroying such clusters charges up the meter, feeding it enough energy to awaken the Garga.

But here’s the catch, to get to the Garga, you have to go through five stages in the quantum meter. Each stage needs a significant boost of energy to be fully charged. Your job is to charge all five stages and trigger enough quantum energy for the Garga to invade. That’s when you REALLY start winning.

The trick is to get so lucky that you encounter back-to-back cluster matches in perfect succession. The more matches you get, the more symbols you zap, bringing you closer to charging up each stage of the meter. This can be extremely challenging, but don’t worry; you’ve got help! The Garga will throw in random wilds that spin about to aid you in your task. 

Another crazy feature is the powerful quantum event that takes place every time you complete a stage. Each quantum event gives the meter a significant power boost, making it easier for you to reach the next stage. When you finally reach the 5th stage, you’ll trigger the Garga event. The more Garga events you can achieve, the bigger your rewards. 

Reactoonz Game Mechanics

Reactoonz is based on the cluster pay mechanic, meaning you must land winning formations of at least 5 identical symbols. When this happens, the grid will zap away all the matching clusters, replacing them with randomly generated new symbols. 

The empty container on the left will collect information on all the zapped symbols, notifying you how much you won on that particular spin. You’ll see the symbol and its value collected in the capsule, so there won’t be any confusion. 


A Giantoonz will form when at least four identical symbols touch each other in a square formation. The four symbols will be zapped away to form one Giantoonz, which, I have to admit, looks even more adorable. A Giantoonz is great for the game because it can multiply your score as long as it is a part of the winning cluster. 

Bonuses And Wild Symbols

Every now and then, you’ll see wild symbols that look like a purple rotating electric circle. This typically happens in a non-spinning win selected at random. At each turn, a maximum of four to eight wild symbols may occasionally appear.

Any wins you get during these wild symbol events will be doubled, provided there are at least one or two Giantoonz in the winning cluster. On the other hand, wild symbols will appear prominently during a quantum or fluctuation event. 

Quantum Leap 

The Quantum Leap is the ultimate objective and the most exciting feature of the entire game. As I mentioned before, landing a matching formation will feed energy to the Quantum Leap device. If you’re confused about where to find it, it’s right above the sleeping Gargantoon capsule. If you can feed the meter enough, it will get to the next stage and trigger a Quantum Leap feature. 

How Many Quantum Leap Features Are There?

In total, there are 4 Quantum Leap features that can be triggered at random every time you successfully charge the device. Once the initial four features have been triggered, the game will cause the Gargantoon feature, upon which the Garga will be released into the grid. That’s the equivalent of hitting the jackpot. Let’s take a detailed look at the Quantum Leap features in the game. 


When this feature is triggered, you will see a wild symbol appear in the center of the grid. It will expand into two lines that stretch across the reels. The symbol that was present in the grid before will be changed to repetitions of one randomly selected symbol. Hopefully, the new symbol will help form matching clusters in multiple grids. 


Triggering this effect will pick three to six symbols at random and change them into wild symbols. When this happens, the effect removes any adjacent symbols, allowing newer symbols to pop down.


Triggering an Alteration effect will single out a particular one-eyed alien symbol and replace all instances of it with a new symbol. If no one-eyed symbols exist on the reel, the effect will pick another random symbol to be altered. 


As the name suggests, this effect will demolish or zap away all one-eyed symbols and any other symbols that match them. The effect makes way for other symbols to fall down by removing any one-eyed symbols that were stationed before. The new symbols will hopefully create matching clusters and feed enough energy to the Quantum device to go to the next stage.  

Special Quantum Leap Features

Fluctuation Feature

Unrelated to the Quantum Meter, the game also triggers a fluctuating effect that will highlight one low-value symbol at random. When any of these fluctuating symbols form a winning cluster, it will pop out two wild symbols. 

The Garga Event

Charging all five bars in the Quantum meter will trigger the Gargantoon event or Garga event, as I like to put it. Garga events are why we play the game in the first place because that’s when we really get to win big. 

During a Garga event, the Quantum meter will awaken the sleeping Gargantoon, which will appear as a huge 3×3 symbol somewhere on the grid. The Garga symbol will eat up all the symbols and clusters nearby, feeding you more wins. After that, it will turn into two 2×2 wild symbols, eating more symbols that come in contact with it. When nothing is left to consume, the Garga will turn into nine 1×1 symbols spread across the grid. 

Visuals And Sound Design

I think what makes the mechanics so unique are the colorful 3D visuals and immersive sound design. The enchanting blue texture in the background makes us feel like we’re floating in space amidst unknown galaxies. And the zapping effects bring a satisfying sight. 

The digital sound effects satisfy my ears when I hit that spin button, and the little boops and plops every time the aliens fall down are simply delightful. Not to mention, the occasional alien sounds make me feel like I’m actually interacting with them. 

Music plays a huge role in keeping me calm and collected through any slot game. After all, I need something to keep my heart rate stable every time I anticipate the outcome of a new spin. Thankfully, the playfully composed soundtrack does exactly that. And the best part is it intensifies according to what’s happening in the game, making sure you’re never bored while spinning. 

Reactoonz Technical Specifications 

Reactoonz is a video slot game involving a spinner and lots of doe-eyed alien heads. Being a slot game, you have to depend entirely on luck and chance, as the players cannot manipulate or control the outcome.

Variance & RTP

Reactoonz is a high-variance game, meaning that you’ll get plenty of smaller wins at regular intervals. The big wins will be quite rare, but when you come across them, I guarantee it will be worth it. Of course, you’ll have to charge up the Quantum meter and unleash the Gargantoon to be able to win big. Trigger back-to-back Garga events, and you’ll triple your investment in no time. 

As for the Return To Player value, I have to say that Reactoonz stands at an impressive RTP rate of 96.51%. This is an approximation, and the actual RTP may vary at different points.

Most slot games have an RTP of 96%, so Reactoonz gives you a slight boost of .51%. It isn’t much, but hey, I’ll take it. Overall, the game gives the house a 3.49% edge during every playthrough. 

Layout & Betways

Reactoonz takes place in a 7×7 grid, that is, 7 rows and 7 columns filled with wacky aliens that look cuter than my neighbor’s toddler. You’ll score a win every time you encounter a cluster of 5 or more aliens of the same race. 

The amount you win will depend on what alien you land. The most valuable of them all is the two-eyed pink alien, which can give you returns of x1200 when you encounter 15 or more in connected clusters. 

Min & Max Bet

The minimum amount you can wager on each spin is 0.2 coins. This can be in dollars, euros, pounds, or whatever currency you have picked. Meanwhile, the maximum amount you can wager on each spin is 100 coins. 

Max Win

The maximum amount you can win, that is, the jackpot, is 4,750x of your total stake.

Compatible Devices

You can play Reactoonz online or download it on your IOS or Android device. In short, it is compatible with mobiles and tablets and is run on JS and HTML5 technology. 

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  • Amazing 3D visuals
  • High maximum win amount
  • Plenty of Quantum bonuses 
  • Multipliers and wilds boost your wins.


  • The Garga event occurs very rarely
  • No free spins
  • Most spins will result in losses


The game is played by spinning a grid filled with alien symbols that stare at you throughout. While this might sound scary if imagined in real life, it is the complete opposite in the game. Each alien will have a smile on its face, despite being a floating head in the middle of space. 

The one-eyed aliens carry the lowest value and payout, with the green and yellow colored symbols carrying the smallest values. The yellow one-eyed alien has the lowest payout, followed by the green one-eyed alien above it. Then comes the red and purple one-eyed alien with slightly increased values.

Going over to the two-eyed aliens, we have the blue and orange colored symbols at the bottom. These are followed by the green two-eyed alien above and, finally, the pink two-eyed alien at the top, carrying the most value and payout. 

Naturally, the pink alien is difficult to come across, and you’ll rarely find it on the grid. However, the most valuable alien is the Gargantoon, which only awakens after the five stages of the Quantum Meter have been fulfilled. 

Official Providers Of Reactoonz

Reactoonz is a game produced by Play’n Go, one of the largest suppliers of online slots. The game was released on their platform on October 24, 2017, and has since enjoyed a wide reception from fans. 

How To Play On Real Money?

To play with real money, you will first have to make a deposit into the game. You can start with a minimum deposit of $10. 

Is The Game Legal? Is It Safe/Confidential?

Reactoonz is absolutely legal and safe to play. I’ve been playing the game for the past 3 years now and have won tons on the platform without ever getting into trouble.

Reactoonz Demo Version

Before you make a deposit, I recommend trying out the demo version for free. It will set you up with around 25,000 coins in your balance, so you can enjoy a massive amount of spins and get the hang of the gameplay. 

All these casinos have Reactoonz demo mode to play for free.

Reactoonz Alternatives

Some alternatives to Reactoonz are Gigantoonz and Reactoonz, part 2. Both games have similar mechanics, gameplay, and reward system, not to mention the famed Gargatoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reactoonz Slot Have A Free Spin Feature?

Reactoonz, unfortunately, does not offer a free spin feature. However, some platforms might offer free spins as a signing bonus. 

How To Play On Mobile?

To play Reactoonz on mobile, simply download the game on your IOS or android device and make a deposit to start playing.

Is It Possible To Hack The Game?

Reactoonz cannot be hacked into or manipulated. The algorithm is totally random. 


“Reactoonz is easily the most popular game from Play’n GO and was the reason for the website’s massive popularity. The graphics are smooth, the visuals are amazing, and the overall game design is quite immersive. And the best part is, you win big every time!”

About Play’n GO

The game comes from Play’n GO, one of the leading developers of online slot and casino games in the world. They have a great reputation and are known to be fair to their players. 

About Malta and Curacao Licenses

Play’n Go has a Malta gaming license and a Curacao license, two of the best gaming regulators in the world. Applying for a Malta license is easier said than done and can take up to six weeks. Moreover, you’ll have face-to-face meetings with the concerned authorities. This is done to ensure only the right applicants who have followed all the protocols can attain the license. Needless to say, Play’n Go is top-notch in that department.