Do you think Amazon accepts crypto?

Given the recent Bitcoin hype and talk of blockchain technology, it’s only a matter of time before we see more retailers take cryptocurrency payments.

The rumors surrounding Amazon and Bitcoin have been put to rest this week when the company announced it would not be accepting crypto anytime soon.

Amidst reports that differed on whether or not they were true, Amazon has reassured us by stating “false” in regards to their statement of looking into a cryptocurrency service timeline for 2021.

The rumor started after an interesting job posting was released last Thursday morning and caused a surge in Bitcoin from $39000 USD to over $37000 as speculation grew about them joining forces with one another but quickly dropped again shortly afterwards due to these false claims being debunked.

The future of money is changing, and Amazon may be one of the first to notice. The concept behind cryptocurrencies has always been a topic for discussion—even amongst major ecommerce providers like Amazon. All it took was this latest announcement from CEO Jeff Bezos to get people talking again about what an online marketplace might look like if they accepted digital currencies as payment methods in 2018 or 2020 when crypto-payments become more widely adopted by consumers and retailers alike…

The real story here isn’t that some are trying their best not jump on board with cryptocurrency just yet; rather, it’s how much change we can expect within our industry over the next few years given all these developments happening now.

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