Reactoonz Slot Game Strategies

They say there’s no strategy you can apply on slot games because it’s all random. Well, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Although these aren’t surefire tips and tactics, I have found varying levels of success when employing them. Think of them as techniques rather than full-scale strategies. 

Play While It’s Hot!

When it comes to slot games, the hot and cold factor is taken more as an urban myth than a sure thing. I’ve had several people tell me that it’s not real, while others insist that it works. If you’re confused, let me explain. 

I’m talking about the hot and cold strategy, where players only play a particular slot game while it’s hot. By that, I mean that the game is giving out more money than they’re supposed to, or at least enough for players to win big. This happens when the RTP of any game goes crazy and exceeds by a significant margin.

The hot or cold meter of a game is measured by the SRP or Statistical Return Percentage. Unlike the RTP, which is stagnant, the SRP keeps fluctuating depending on how many rewards the game has been giving out recently.

When the SRP is ‘hot,’ it means you are more likely to win big, even without triggering a Garga event, as shown in the above screenshot. This is an example of a massive win on the 54th spin, and only with two Quantum features. On the other hand, if the SRP is ‘cold,’ the likelihood of you winning will be rare. 

  • Automatic Control

It’s much more convenient to use the automatic control option when you’re playing a hot game. It will appear as a small yellow colored button right next to the green spin button.

Here, you can set the number of spins you want to do (maximum of 100 spins). You can also set options to stop if the balance decreases to a certain extent, ensuring your balance doesn’t get burned in the process. Just pick the amount you want to wager, and set the number of spins you want to do on auto mode. 

Aim Small, Lose Small

If you’re on a tight budget, it makes sense to wager smaller amounts and set the controller to make 100 spins. I usually start off small, betting 2 or 3 on each spin if I have a balance of, say, 500-600. The game doesn’t let anyone profit from every single spin, so I know most of my bets will be canon fodder. 

The advantage of betting small on each spin is that you will preserve your balance for longer. That way, you can go more than 200 spins and aim to get that one Garga event that changes everything. Of course, you probably won’t win in the tens of thousands on a single bet of 3. But it is a great way of boosting your balance in the long run. 

If You Have The Budget, Bet 100s!

When you have the ammunition, why not go all out? At least, that’s what has worked for me in Reactoonz. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you can afford it and don’t mind parting with your hard earned money if it doesn’t work. 

If you have a big budget of more than 25,000, you can play high stakes and go for the big win. But of course, only do this if the game is currently running hot; otherwise, you’re practically flushing money down the drain.

Patience is the key here, and I like going manual with each spin, so I can assess the damage. The key is to score a Garga event before you drain 50% of your balance; it gets awfully risky past that point. On the other hand, you could set the automatic spinner for 50-100 spins, depending on what you’re comfortable with. But do remember you’re wagering 100 on each spin, so keep your eye on the prize. 

How Much Time Should You Spend?

I usually set the automatic control to 100 spins and try to win big within those turns. If the game is running hot, I’m bound to get massive wins without triggering a Garga event. But of course, the only way to hit the jackpot is to awaken the Gargantoon. If nothing happens within the first 100 spins, I do another 100 spins but not more than that. 

  • Goal 

The goal is obviously to trigger a Garga event within the first 100-200 spins. However, you might come across a big win even without triggering the Garga event. If that happens, I suggest you take your wins and get out early. 

  • Probability Of Garga Event

 A Garga event typically should be triggered within 200 spins. Some people like going the extra mile, extending it up to 250 spins; they have gotten results this way. However, I like to play it safe and stick to 200 spins.