Top Crypto Trading Platforms On 2021

Crypto newcomers usually get excited when there’s a surge in prices, but often they don’t understand the complexity of trading.

There are many things that work differently from traditional finance and it may take weeks to learn how crypto markets operate – not what newbies want! Fortunately for them, I’ve come up with some great tips on how to start earning quickly without investing too much time into learning about these complex financial instruments:

  • Don’t buy high or sell low; this is one way you can lose money if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrencies
  • Keep your risk as close possible to zero by using stop losses.
  • Watch out for FOMO (fear of missing out) because people will rush in at any sign.

Social trading platforms have been around for a long time, and they offer an easy way to keep track of expert traders and investors. If this sounds interesting, here are some of the top social trading platforms for cryptocurrencies.


Dtrade is a new, easy to use pro-social trading platform. Its goal is to offer the crypto community insights into top strategies by streaming live footage of professional traders from all over the world. Dtrade offers beginners an opportunity for success without experiencing failure first hand through their own skin and with no prior knowledge on how cryptocurrency markets work in order build strong roots as its foundation while expanding globally.

DTrade wants you to know that it’s providing access so any newcomer can watch some of best pros trade money online and learn alongside them during those streams, picking up tips right when they need them – because there are plenty! Trading cryptocurrencies doesn’t have be complicated or risky. DTRADE creates opportunities for newcomers who want more.


eToro recently released an exciting new feature that allows users to copy the trades of other experienced traders, making it easier than ever for beginners. For example, say John is a successful trader who has been trading crypto and stocks on eToro successfully over time with high returns? Users can now simply follow him by selecting “John” from his profile page using this social-trading function! It’s as simple as following your favorite celebrity or athlete on their respective platforms – it doesn’t get much more easy than that.

eToro just announced its latest release: Social Trading! With this platform update comes many amazing features such as having options when choosing which type of stock/cryptocurrency you want to trade in order to find what. is known for its copy-trading service, which can be used with ease by anyone and everyone who has a registered account on the platform. With eToro’s help as well, this process starts when you fund your account and register it using KYC procedures; after that point users have to head over to Quantitative > Leaderboard.

Where they will find all of their available top traders from whom they may choose one or more strategies at once before finalizing them via a “copy” button in order to receive 5% net earnings generated through trades made following those chosen strategies’ perspectives while also thanking the strategy creator for helping out!

PrimeXBT Covesting

Covesting takes the concept of social trading to new levels by integrating with PrimeXBT. With over 400 assets available, there will never be a shortage of things for traders to invest in on Covesting and make their money grow quickly.

The process is easy too – all you have to do is copy-trade other successful traders right from your own account or even if they’re not using Covesting!

You may already be aware of the fact that there are a lot of platforms out there for social trading, and you have plenty to choose from. But if you’re looking at cryptocurrency trading in particular – don’t worry!

You can find what suits your needs best by comparing them all. All it will take is one day’s worth of learning so when an opportunity presents itself, you’ll know how to seize it with ease!

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